Jennifer Kavanagh
Jennifer Kavanagh

Jennifer Kavanagh worked in publishing for nearly thirty years, the last fourteen as an independent literary agent. In the past fifteen years she has run a community centre in London's East End, worked with street homeless people and refugees, and set up microcredit programmes in London, and in Africa. She has also worked as a research associate for the Prison Reform Trust and currently facilitates workshops for conflict resolution both in prison and in the community. Jennifer contributes regularly to the Quaker press, and is an associate tutor at Woodbrooke Quaker study centre. She is a Churchill Fellow, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of a community of fools. She lives in London.
"Jennifer is one of the most interesting writers of our generation on spirituality." Derek A. Collins, London Centre for Spirituality.

Books by Jennifer Kavanagh
Failure of Success, The by

Failure of Success, The

Dec 2012

Success good, failure bad? Each holds the germ of the other. They are more alike than you think. 

Small Change, Big Deal by

Small Change, Big Deal

Jun 2012

Money is about relationship: between individuals and between communities. Small is still beautiful - as microcredit shows.

Simplicity Made Easy by

Simplicity Made Easy

May 2011

Simplicity is more than a lifestyle option: it is a way of life.

Journey Home by

Journey Home

Apr 2012

Home is where the heart is

New Light by

New Light

Dec 2008

A spiritual path for our time: simple, radical and contemporary

Emancipation of B, The by

Emancipation of B, The

Feb 2015

He had come here not to die, but to live!

Little Book of Unknowing, A by

Little Book of Unknowing, A

Mar 2015

There is another way

Heart of Oneness by

Heart of Oneness

Dec 2017

There is no such thing as "the other".


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