Approaching Chaos

Approaching Chaos

Could an ancient archetype save C21st civilization?

Civilisation can survive by learning from the social, spiritual and technological secrets of ancient civilisations such as Egypt.


Twenty-first century civilization faces economic, ecological and spiritual meltdown. To survive this century as civilized people, we need to refer back to a time when city life was in harmony with nature and the wider environment.

We cannot dismiss the ancients as primitive when they had a blueprint for civilization that first appeared over 5,000 years ago. Perhaps we should look at the ancient past for solutions, such as the possibility of an unknown zero-carbon technology. Did they really build giant pyramids with blocks of stone weighing hundreds of tonnes using only slaves, hemp rope and copper tools?

For the last two thousand years, however, much has remained hidden primarily because the Greeks and the Romans did not have access to the whole archetype. The Church then further compounded the loss of knowledge under layers of misinterpretation. This book reveals more about the original concepts going back to the end of the Ice Age, identifying the earliest principles and what happened to them.


Approaching Chaos isn't just another mundane history book. Instead, Lucy Wyatt brings history to life, with many exciting finds along the way with numerous illustrations to hold the interest. It is well written and presented, and is an education as well. ~ Paul Salmon, Eternal Spirit

In this intriguing and well-researched work, Lucy Wyatt examines how civilisation got started in the first place and how it was re-established following a series of catastrophes.

~ , Nexus

This book has an original take on the prospects for global civilisation as we face economic, ecological and even spiritual meltdown. Increasingly, people are recognising that business as usual cannot continue indefinitely and that the notion of progress needs to be reassessed. This is an enormously ambitious and interesting book, the wisdom of the past can genuinely enhance our understanding of the present.                                                

~ , The Scientific and Medical Network

A thoughtful, provocative and inspiring book, which offers an understanding of history that can help us negotiate the enormous challenges of our own times. ~ Timothy Freke, author of The Jesus Mysteries and How Long Is Now?

I have read most of the book in about 6 hours continuous reading, and am tremendously impressed, an amazingly bold work which must surely be one of the most fascinating published in the past ten years. ~ Colin Wilson, Author of The Outsider, Super Consiousness: The Quest for the Peak Experience and From Atlantis to the Sphinx

In 'Approaching Chaos' Lucy Wyatt offers a provocative new interpretation of the rise and decline of civilization as humanity emerged from the last Ice Age. We live during troubled times, and arguably we have lost as much, or more, in terms of core values and a holistic approach toward working with Nature, as we have gained through modernization and technological advances. Studies of the past encourage us to learn from previous mistakes as well as emulate ancient achievements, and offer hope as we face an uncertain future. We need the broad perspective that Wyatt outlines as we attempt to regain lost ground. Engaging and thought-provoking, 'Approaching Chaos' is sure to leave the astute reader with a new outlook on the big issues that really matter. ~ Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D.,, scientist and author,Voices of the Rocks, Voyages of the Pyramid Builders, Pyramid Quest, and The Parapsychology Revolution

Lucy Wyatt
Lucy Wyatt Lucy Wyatt grew up in the university town of Cambridge, UK. After leaving Sussex University with degrees in International Relations & Italia...
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