Path to a New Consciousness

Collection of essays on 21st Century green spirituality and its key role in creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world.


Only by understanding the Universe as a vast, holistic system and Earth as a unit within it can we help restore balance to that unit. Only by placing Earth and its ecosystems - about which we now understand so much - at the centre of all our thinking, can we avert ecological disaster.

Only by bringing our thinking back into balance with feeling, intuition and awareness and by grounding ourselves in a sense of the sacred in all things can we achieve a new level of consciousness. Green spirituality is the key to a new, twenty-first century consciousness. And this book is the most comprehensive ever written on green spirituality.


Green spirituality is the key to a new, twenty-first century consciousness, and this book is the most comprehensive ever written on the subject. ~ Maddy Harland, Cygnus Review

A well-rounded compilation of GreenSpirit philosophy and experience and a serious study of the new eco-spiritual idea of seeing the world as a whole with all living and inanimate things interconnected. It will appeal to your advanced eco-savvy customers, as well as to people who feel left out of the electronic revolution or who are burned out by the demands of instant communication

~ Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer

GreenSpirit is a rich collection of thought-provoking writings, providing nourishment for the green soul. Edited by writer Marian Van Eyk McCain, a woman committed to living lightly and with integrity, the 29 contributors include Matthew Fox, Satish Kumar and Neil Douglas-Klotz. These were the names that were familiar to me. The other luminaries address just about everything - life, the universe and not only why we are here, but how we arrived. The writing weaves together science and creativity, art and social action, as well as green spirituality.

~ Elaine Walker, Interfaith Minister

Here at last is the definitive guide to green spirituality that I have been wanting to read. It is well-structured. I found it coherent and flowing. There are many gems in it. The book has helped me, yet again, to feel deeply connected to this awsome, beautiful planet. ~ Ian Mowll, Permaculture

A very fine and useful survey of an organisation (The Green Movement) which occupies a prominent site on the new terrain.

~ Frank Regan, Renew

This book contains multiple perspectives on green spirituality as a key to 21st century consciousness.

~ David Lorimer, Network Review

A valuable guide to some of the deepest thinking on the connections between ecology and spirituality. Never before have so many important ideas on these subjects been assembled between the covers of a single book.

~ Rupert Sheldrake , Gaiamedia

Why are we as human beings so very clever ( look at our technology) and so very stupid (look at how we use technology) at the same time? A must read book for the problems of today at all levels.

~ Chris Erasmus, Odyssey Magazine South Africa

This enlightening collection of thoughtful essays by inspiring environmental thinkers presents a comforting vision of a spirituality that makes beautiful sense.

~ Monica Perdoni, Yoga Magazine

A fascinating and timely collection of essays. 

~ Stuart Hannabubuss, Network (Catholic Women's Network)

'GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness' offers numerous healing and inspiring insights; notably, that Earth and the universe are primary divine Revelation, a truth to be transmitted to our children as early and effectively as possible. ~ Thomas Berry

This is a book for anyone who hungers for a spirituality relevant to our times. ~ Chris Johnstone, author of Find Your Power

A valuable guide to some of the deepest thinking on the connections between ecology and spirituality. Never before have so many important ideas on these subjects been assembled between the covers of a single book. ~ Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., biologist and author of A New Science of Life

Think of GreenSpirit as a vade mecum, namely, those insightful books of guidance known in all the traditions that fit in the pocket and went with a person in the walk through life as a summary of wisdom teachings. GreenSpirit certainly aims to walk the talk, and, while doing so, provides that good companion we all hope to find.

~ John Grim, Co-Director, Forum on Religion and Ecology, Yale University

A very different world awaits us. Old norms are evaporating; new realities are taking hold. Navigating the most profound transition in the history of humankind will require extraordinary resourcefulness with a far greater emphasis on spirituality than ever before.

GreenSpirit celebrates the diversity and creativity of many of those shaping that greener consciousness.

~ Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future; Chairman, UK Sustainable Development Commssion

GreenSpirit speaks to the heart. It beckons us into birthing a new consciousness and culture. Experienced practitioners and thinkers explore here the groundbreaking shift from anthropocentric to ecocentric ways of thinking and living. This is an inspiring vision of how cosmos, earth, and all of life, including the human, form one great, interconnected Whole. A vision to energise us into a more concretely rooted, more action-oriented spirituality that sustains a wholesome life, and encourages the flourishing of people and planet. May this treasure trove of a book with its words of wisdom and beauty, and its helpful practical advice, reach many people and guide them into simpler, more meaningful ways of living within the great community of Life.

~ Ursula King, Professor Emerita of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Bristol.

To actualize the immense opportunities in this planetary hour of diverse crises requires much more of us than adjustments in politics, business, and energy production. We are being asked by life itself to reinvent ourselves as a species, to learn again the everyday dance of sacred reciprocity with creatures, crops, and wild flora, with wind, water, and stars, and to rediscover the myths, mysteries, and stages of optimal human development; but this time with our awareness grounded in the unfolding, mystical story of our divine, evolving universe. GreenSpirit, with contributions from a host of artisans of cultural transformation, skillfully interweaves the strands of our new story, a new consciousness, renewed cultures, and our path to becoming fully human. Marian Van Eyk McCain has crafted an insightful and wide-ranging handbook to the promises and potentials of this new century.

~ Bill Plotkin, Ph.D., author of Soulcraft and Nature and the Human Soul

We have all heard about the massive assault on our life-support systems. Yet it has not changed our behaviour except in rather trivial ways. How will we humans change our thinking and our behaviour to bring our technologies and lifestyles into harmony with the biological constraints of Earthly existence? Since our thinking and behaviour are underpinned by our spiritual beliefs and understandings, I believe that what we need is a spiritual revolution. And this book is part of exactly the kind of revolution that we need. ~ John Seed, Founder and Director of the Rainforest Information Centre.

To address the many social and environmental crises we face today, we urgently need holistic, human-scale solutions. 'GreenSpirit' is an inspiring call to reconnect our minds and hearts with practical, grassroots action. ~ Helena Norberg-Hodge, Founder and Director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture.

Marian Van Eyk McCain
Marian Van Eyk McCain Marian Van Eyk McCain spent a total of 39 years in Australia and the USA before returning to England in 1998. She has a Bachelor of Social W...
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