NaturesScope offers a new way of relating to our natural evolutionary origins and one another that inspires empathy and co-creativity.



For thousands of years we have tried to study, interpret and teach ourselves about Nature from our own point of view, through the lenses of our telescopes, microscopes and binocular eyesight directed outwards. We see a rigidly framed objective picture 'out there' that does not include ourselves yet upon which we project our own image and psychology. This one-way view has brought us into profound conflict with our natural origins and one another.

NaturesScope evokes a different view, from Nature, which brings human beings and the world into empathic mutual relationship. It assists us in enquiring imaginatively and creatively into how to turn the narrowed down objective worldview around and see ourselves and our world through natures fluid lens of mutual inclusion. People who have experienced this view of natural inclusion have found it a source of profound inspiration.


Few thinkers are keen to find ways of conversing across conceptual and spatial boundaries. The implications for ethics, human knowledge and human organisation are vital for this generation and the next. Alan is one of the thinkers who is inclusive. He understands that we co-shape one anothers thinking, just as we are co-shaped by the landscape.

~ Dr Janet McIntyre, Associate Professor,Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management, Adelaide

Rayner's idea of natural inclusionality is a highly original and significant contribution to our understandings of life, the environment and people. His ideas challenge many of the assumptions on which Western ways of thinking have developed through the use of categorial systems of thought. Through the use of multi-media forms of communication Rayner demonstrates the significance of his ideas for a wide range of disciplines and for the education of individuals in community. ~ Jack Whitehead, Professor, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK.

What I greatly admire about Alan Rayners endeavours is his courage and flair in bringing the critical intellect and the creative imagination into productive relation in such an energizing manner

~ Lindsay Clarke

Alan Rayner
Alan Rayner Alan Rayner is a naturalist who uses art, poetry and a new kind of mathematics, as well as rigorous science to enquire and communicate about...
Downshifting Made Easy by Marian Van Eyk McCain

Downshifting Made Easy

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I Am With You (Paperback) by John Woolley

I Am With You (Paperback)

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God Calling by A. J. Russell

God Calling

A. J. Russell

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Don't Get MAD Get Wise by Mike George

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Soul Power by Nikki de Carteret

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Journey to the Dark Goddess by Jane Meredith

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God Calling 2 by A. J. Russell

God Calling 2

A. J. Russell

More messages to two anonymous ladies, Two Listeners, this series has proved to be one of the best selling devotional books of all time.

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