Protein Myth, The

Protein Myth, The

Significantly Reducing the Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes While Saving the Animals and the Planet.

The Protein Myth powerfully illustrates that the way to vibrant health and a peaceful world is to stop exploiting animals.


The Protein Myth illustrates how we can avoid the major killer diseases by eliminating animal products from the diet. It challenges the healthcare establishment to stop ignoring the scientific evidence that a diet based on animal protein costs millions of lives. For example, why do the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society turn a blind eye to the scientific facts that avoiding animal protein could prevent many women from getting breast cancer, by lowering their estrogen levels? And why does the entire medical establishment report that we are heart attack safe with a cholesterol count of 200 when 35% of heart attacks occur for people with cholesterol counts between 150 and 200?

The book also links the Western diet to many of the problems facing the world such as 1) the pollution of our atmosphere, rivers and streams, 2) the mass production of meat and dairy products on factory farms which is extremely cruel to animals, 3) the needless vivisection of animals at university laboratories for the sole purpose of getting billions of tax dollars from the public, 4) the manufacture of drugs to treat counterfeit diseases, 5) obesity in children, and 6) the creation of poverty in the developing world.

The Protein Myth makes a compelling case that the way to a healthier life and a better world is to end our abuse and exploitation of animals.


Arguing the health concerns as well as the moral and ethical concerns, “The Protein Myth” is a thoughtful and much recommended read for those considering the vegan debate. ~ John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review

Beware: this book may shock you and shake up your worldview to the point that you actually change your eating habits. ~ Simply Green

It was after much disputed research leading to the US Surgeon General’s (and British) warnings against cigarettes in 1962 that the public, and the medical profession, finally stopped denying the fatal results of smoking. The same thing needs to happen, says David Gerow Irving, about the dangers of eating meat. “Meat and dairy products cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes,” he assures us in The Protein Myth. This book shows us the connections between wisdom and biology, corporations and ethical choice. It is not an entertainment (although some of the bizarre research projects scientists dream up may make you laugh — in disbelief), but it repays the effort of close reading. Keep it on hand for the references as well as text, for all those times when you need to explain to acquaintances why you choose not to eat your non-human brothers and sisters. ~ Barbara Julian, GreenMuze

This thought-provoking book looks at the connection between consumption of animal protein and Western diseases….Contains descriptions of the animal exploitation prevalent in factory farming systems and research facilities and also looks at how animal protein consumption creates world poverty, profits the drug companies, contributes to global warming and affects other aspects of planet health. Hopefully the publication of this book will highlight the benefits of a plant based diet and encourage a much-needed debate on the subject. ~ Pauline Lloyd, The Vegan News

David Irving’s scholarly and well documented, but easy to read work, The Protein Myth, drew us immediately into the content. There are in-depth discussions on the health care establishment (government, industry, and charitable organization) who are working against the interests of the public’s health, much as they had done with smoking in the past. The Protein Myth is a must read book for every single person, and a wonderful reference book. ~ Frank and Mary Hoffman ,

The book is predominately a compilation of facts, backed up with solid scientific research. Irving argues for a close review of current dietary recommendations and a major change in the way Americans think about the foods they habitually consume. The sanity of his presentation makes this a good choice for non-activists looking for real information. Vegetarians and animal activists will welcome its arrival.  ~ Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer

The Protein Myth - Is this the work of a sensationalist or the very true, very real facts that are behind many of society’s ills that we are all slowly being forced into accepting? If you enjoy eating and if you wish to enjoy a healthy life, this is a must read.  ~ Jan Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews

David Irving reveals the science which can eliminate our common chronic killing diseases.  His blistering exposé of the politics, institutions, corporations, and governments which are geared to thwart this life-saving message is a powerful read.

~ Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, Author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Called by President Bill Clinton the leader of the movement to which the former president turned to reverse his heart disease.

The Protein Myth is a powerful indictment of the healthcare establishment for ignoring the evidence that could save the lives of millions of people. At the same time, it's a vivid portrayal of how our treatment of animals is ruining the health of the nation and stealing the public's wealth. The Protein Myth shows that compassion toward other species is not merely an act of kindness. It is what is required to restore our health and move us toward a world without slavery, genocide or war. ~ John Robbins, Author of The New Good Life: Living Better in an Age of Less, The Food Revolution, and Diet for a New America. He is the recipient of the Rachel Carson Award, the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award,

An incisive analysis of current key public health concerns, deserving a must-read recommendation.

~ Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, Author of The Politics of Cancer, Cancer-Gate: How to Win the Losing Cancer War, and What’s in Your Milk? Recipient of the 1998 Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel prize), the 1998 Project Cen

David Irving has written a masterpiece of investigation into the mysteries of why people continue to eat a diet that damages their long-term health. This is a must-read for all health-care and public policy professionals, and especially for all students in those fields. Better yet, it is a must-read for anyone who eats.

~ George Eisman, MA, MSC, RD, Author of the popular The Most Noble Diet, Don't Let Your Diet Add to your Cancer Risk, and A Basic Course in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition. He is the Founder of the Association of Vegetarian Dietiti

Reading and following the message in The Protein Myth could be the best health insurance policy you could buy for you and your family. This common sense approach to health management will be the best investment you could ever make in your future.

~ Howard Lyman, Author of Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat; No More Bull; and President of Voice for a Viable Future. He gained national recognition in 1998 when he and Oprah defea

This book is LONG overdue. For decades, those of us who've made our diet humane and healthy have had to answer the insatiable question, 'but how do you get enough protein?' The simple answer lies within the covers of this book — along with a shocking and gut-provoking exposé of the dangers inherent in the ancient tradition of consuming animal flesh. From human health to animal cruelty to environmental safety to world peace, The Protein Myth challenges us to reconsider our diets and our ethics — both of which are crucial to creating a better world for ourselves and generations to come.

~ Laura Moretti, Founder & Editor The Animals Voice. Elected to US Animal Rights Hall of Fame

The Protein Myth dispels misinformation that is making more than a billion people sick and destroying planet Earth. This book will also be a big step to stopping the hazardous high animal food, low-carb diet craze. Those seeking the truth will find this book a worthwhile read.

~ John McDougall MD, Founder of the McDougall Program, a place where the proper diet and lifestyle changes produce miracles of healing. He is a nationally renowned nutritionist and the author of several national best sell

The Protein Myth thoroughly debunks most everything we've been told about food, and does a great job summarizing the latest research, as well as following the money trail that brings such high profits to a few while causing sickness and suffering to so many. This is a great book to help liberate yourself from the medical delusions that harm us, and cause so much animal suffering."

~ Will Tuttle, Ph.D., Author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, The World Peace Diet.

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