Rise Up - with Wings Like Eagles

Rise Up - with Wings Like Eagles

Discover inner strength and wisdom to transform our relationship with the Earth

Discover inner strength and wisdom to transform our relationship with the Earth.


At a time of great importance in the history of life on the planet, human beings find themselves with enormous economic and technological power, but also with a terrible inner weakness. This book takes a careful look at our vulnerability and proposes some radical new pathways towards a life more in harmony with the natural world.

Chris  Sunderland
Chris Sunderland Chris Sunderland has been a research biochemist, working in an Oxford laboratory at the cutting edge of biotechnology. He has been a vicar i...
GreenSpirit by Marian Van Eyk McCain


Marian Van Eyk McCain

Collection of essays on 21st Century green spirituality and its key role in creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology by Will Anderson

This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology

Will Anderson

This Is Hope compares the outcomes of two human ecologies; one is tragic, the other full of promise.

In Search of Grace by Peter Reason

In Search of Grace

Peter Reason

We must transform our perception of our relationship with the Earth, if we ever hope to save ourselves from ecological disaster.

Hope For Humanity by Christine Connelly, Malcolm Hollick

Hope For Humanity

Christine Connelly
Malcolm Hollick

For civilization to survive we must become aware of the impact of trauma and act to prevent and heal it.

Safe Planet  by John Cowsill

Safe Planet

John Cowsill

A roadmap towards a safe planet.

2013 by James Young


James Young

We need not wait until 2012 for a new level of consciousness to arrive. Neither do we need wait until 2012 to begin living it.

Wild Earth, Wild Soul by Bill Pfeiffer

Wild Earth, Wild Soul

Bill Pfeiffer

Imagine a nature-based culture so alive and so connected spreading like wildfire. This book is the match!

Blue Sky God by Don MacGregor

Blue Sky God

Don MacGregor

Quantum consciousness, morphic fields and blue-sky thinking about God and Jesus the Christ

Whole Elephant Revealed, The by Marja de Vries

Whole Elephant Revealed, The

Marja de Vries

Insight into the universal laws.

Chivalry-Now by D. Joseph Jacques


D. Joseph Jacques

Finally, a book that speaks of western values in male language, returning to what was lost.

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