Spirituality Unveiled

Spirituality Unveiled

Awakening to Creative Life

Spirituality Unveiled invites us to join in the important search to find a healthy interaction with life.


Spirituality Unveiled puts forward a succinct and compelling synthesis of numerous spiritual traditions. While weaving together insights from contemporary and past masters of spirituality, along with holistic and Earth centred wisdom, it beautifully highlights teachings about the essentials of creative unfoldment.Spirituality Unveiled invites readers to join in the important search to find a healthy interaction with life. Key areas include the power of creativity, the effects of positive and negative actions, and harmonious living with the natural world.


This is an example of integral thinking at its best. Santoshan has achieved a masterful synthesis. As well as reminding us to open our minds and hearts to the infinite and amazing creativity of the cosmos and to our own precious planet Earth, this book also shows how that same universal creative force flows through us in every moment. As Santoshan points out, the development of a ‘global conscious spirituality’ will enable us at last to be part of a harmonious and sustainable Earth community. I see his book as a valuable and important contribution to this outcome.

~ Marian Van Eyk McCain, East-West Psychologist, author and editor of ‘GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness’.

This is a timely book which points a way forward. It also puts God’s beautiful creation back at the heart of our relation with the divine and this for so many people is their most immediate connection with spirit.

~ Sister June Raymond, Compiler of ‘Meditations with Thomas Berry’

In a time of globalisation and environmental threats, we need a coherent spirituality for our time that responds to issues of today. ‘Spirituality Unveiled’ is for the here and now, inspiring us to take care of the Earth and seek justice for all people and life. It draws from many traditions and is universal in its approach – making it particularly relevant for a world containing increasing numbers of mixed communities. In grappling thoughtfully with issues and providing a spiritual response, it motivates us to live compassionately and face the challenges of contemporary life with hope.

~ Ian Mowll, The coordinator of GreenSpirit and Interfaith Foundation student.

A thought provoking, compelling read, which I could not put down. 'Spirituality Unveiled' stirred my inner being, encouraged me to reevaluate where I was, be more mindful about the environment and rekindled my spiritual journey.

~ Patricia Coram, Semi-retired disability carer and 'rekindled' spiritual seeker.

Often, books that widely embrace spirituality do so with an oppressive complexity or suspiciously systemic program. 'Spirituality Unveiled' does neither; it is inviting, accessible and hospitable, much like any authentic and compassionate spirituality.

~ Matthew Henry, D.Min President, Creation Spirituality Communities.

‘Spirituality Unveiled’ reveals the non-separateness, wholeness, oneness and harmony of life and nature, as well as the unity of the incarnate and discarnate world of the spirit. It unveils a deep compassion that is needed at this point in time to embrace all levels of life.

~ Glyn Edwards (Devadasa), Co-author of 'Unleash your Spiritual Power and Grow' and 'Tune in to your Spiritual Potential'.

Santoshan leads us into the depths of an authentic spirituality for our time, in which the best of the old religious traditions are honoured and the power of a modern/post-modern creation spirituality is revealed. I strongly recommend this practical, thoughtful, well-written book to all in our generation looking for guidance and inspiration.                  

~ Don Hills, Retired educational psychologist and member of GreenSpirit Council and Coastwise, North Devon.

Santoshan Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston) has a deep integral and universal approach to spirituality and is a member of GreenSpirit's editorial and publ...
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