Weaving the Cosmos

Weaving the Cosmos

Science, Religion and Ecology

Using ecology to unite science and religion, healing ourselves, our society and the planet.


How can we humans flourish without producing global disasters? Why do we so often make a mess of things? Does religion make things better or worse? Would we be better off relying more on science instead?

Weaving the Cosmos opens a new window of understanding on these crucial questions, explaining how religion and science correspond to two strands from which the universe, as well as the human mind, is woven. For humans to flourish these two aspects of our mind need to be integrated.

This book traces our struggles to do this in the past, and shows how the emergence of modern Ecology now gives us a unique opportunity for unifying science and religion. As the story unfolds, the historical account is interwoven with the authors own experiences of learning the principles through which we can bring about this integration in ourselves and in society.

The final chapter surveys the many changes now taking place which give us hope that a transformation can be achieved, leading us from our dysfunctional past to a future in which we can be truly human, in harmony with the earth.


Entering into hot topics of the day, this is a worthy attempt, by a scientist, to mediate between the scientific and religious factions and open up a path by which the antagonism could be abated

~ Geoff Ward, www.mysteriousplanet.net

It is not invevitable that humanity will rise to our current challenges but we certainly have the capacity to do so, and Chris's book is an important intellectual and practical contribution to this emerging process and deserves to be widely read.

~ David Lorimer, Network Review

Humanity is in great need of a new vision that integrates rationality and deep intuition in a way of wisdom that takes seriously both scientific and spiritual understandings. Chris Clarke provides us with a deeply thought out and well based view of this kind, that also follows out its important implications for ecology. It can be highly recommended as a thoughtful contribution towards the deeper form of wisdom that is so much needed at the present time. ~ George Ellis, winner of 2004 Templeton Prize, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Complex Systems in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Cape Town.

Chris Clarke is an important voice in the area of science, spirituality and ecology and worth listening to. In this book he weaves a careful and helpful reconciliation of the intuitive and rational modes of knowing. Highly recommended. ~ Prof Ravi Ravindra, Professor Emeritus (Comparative religion and physics) at Dalhousie University, Canada; author of The Yoga of Christ

If civilization is to survive, we urgently need a new worldview that integrates the rational, scientific with the intuitive, religious approach to knowledge. Chris Clarkes new book is an important contribution to that shift. It clearly and succinctly outlines how religious, philosophical, scientific and ecological thought can embrace this duality and express it through our relationships with each other, nature and the Earth.

~ Dr Malcolm Hollick, author of The Science of Oneness and the forthcoming Hope for Humanity

Chris Clarkes new book provides a brilliant synthesis of science, spirituality and ecology, restoring the connection between our intuitive and rational capacities. Writing as a scientist deeply embedded in the natural world, Chris weaves together the strands of our being, reminding us that the core or religion is love and unity and that we need to embody a relational wisdom in all aspects of our lives.

~ David Lorimer, Director of The Scientific and Medical Network.

Chris Clarke
Chris Clarke Until 1999 Chris Clarke was Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Southampton. His technical research (4 books and about 80 ...

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