Downshifting Made Easy

Downshifting Made Easy

How to plan for your planet-friendly future

A simple, useful guidebook for anyone seeking to move and thrive, healthily and happily, into the coming 'Age of Sustainability'.


What does it mean to ‘downshift’? Why is it now imperative that millions of people begin moving towards a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle ?

If you, too, are to join this worldwide effort to create a different sort of world, when should you start? How should you set about it? Might you need to move house in order to live more sustainably, and if so, to where? And to whom can you turn for advice and guidance?

This easy-to-read guidebook, by an author who undertook a similar journey, aims to answer all these questions and more. It will reassure you that while the downshifting process is not without its challenges, the rewards, in terms of life satisfaction, enjoyment and sense of fulfilment, can be huge.

There are many books full of practical ideas for green living. But this one goes to the heart of the matter by looking at who you are, what your needs are and how you can create your custom-made plan for a lifestyle perfectly adapted to the coming ‘Age of Sustainability’.


This book is part of the ‘Made Easy’ series from the publishers ‘O Books’. It is, therefore, a short book which will appeal to many of us who lead busy lives and who simply want to get to the heart of the matter. And then to begin – or continue – our journey towards a happier and more sustainable life-style.

The wonderful thing about this book is that you can feel the experience and passion of the author leaping out from the pages. The author has had a long-term commitment to low impact living and has lived in cities, villages and even out in the Australian bush. As a result, this is no pie in the sky, “Downshifting in 10 days” type of book. It is written by someone who has been there, done it and has come through it all, more passionate than ever.

The book starts with big picture thinking; seeing the wider context and helping the reader to understand why downshifting is so important. Once you have understood that, you can see that downshifting helps both the planet and people, and ultimately it’s win-win all of the way around. The arguments for downshifting are so many and so convincing that by the end of the book you are left wondering why on earth hasn’t everyone adopted this lifestyle?

It is encouraging to see that the author is so unabashed about spirituality and sees this as an integral part of the process of downshifting. For instance, on page 4 we read that “without meaning, we are robots”. In fact, the author suggests that downshifting helps spiritual growth, which is something that I entirely agree with.

In the “Where” chapter, the reader is encouraged to craft a life that is suitable to him/herself. Good, practical advice for someone like me who finds changing a fuse a challenge. I can start to see that there are many ways that I can work towards a low impact life-style without starting by refurbishing a whole house. Joining in with others is encouraged so that we can all share our skills.

The book ends with a chapter on the practical aspects of downshifting, with ideas, tips and principles to help the reader on his/her way.

This is a book of many golden nuggets. Buy it and you will find many treasures.

~ Ian Mowll, GreenSpirit magazine

An inspiring and readable book that not only offers a practical framework but also gives valuable insights into the process step by step. Marian speaks from experience, but adds the warm dimension of the heart, making downshifting not only desirable but more easily achievable.

~ Maddy Harland, Editor, Permaculture Magazine:­ Inspiration for Sustainable Living

“Marian’s new book ‘Downshifting Made Easy’ is a great addition to the simplicity field. Based on an approach that includes grounding yourself and your life in a deep connection with Nature — including the systems that sustain all life, and the true nature of your own being — Marian’s book provides you with a set of core principles and penetrating questions that will help you create real and lasting satisfaction. Her writing style mirrors her approach, it is simple, humorous in many places and grounded in the important ecological issues of our time. I highly recommend it.”

~ Bruce Elkin, Life coach and author of Simplicity and Success

McCain does a wonderful job of combining the practical with the philosophical, inspiring us to experience life to the fullest. She reminds us of the importance of making conscious decisions that free us from the manipulation of the consumer society: the importance of remembering that all of life is connected: and the significance of the fact that we’re building a way of life that is more delightful and satisfying than life in the cutthroat consumer society. She reminds us to ask: “What is your life consecrated to?” The answer will determine your happiness and wellbeing.

~ Cecile Andrews, Author of Circle of Simplicity, Slow is Beautiful, and Less is More

Marian Van Eyk McCain
Marian Van Eyk McCain Marian Van Eyk McCain spent a total of 39 years in Australia and the USA before returning to England in 1998. She has a Bachelor of Social W...
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