In Search of Grace

An ecological pilgrimage

Peter Reason

Rise Up - with Wings Like Eagles

Discover inner strength and wisdom to transform our relationship with the Earth

Chris Sunderland

Seven Deadly Whites, The

Evolution to Devolution - The Rise of The Diseases Of Civilization

Karl Elliot-Gough

Other Than Mother - Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind

A private decision with global consequences


Safe Planet

Renewable Energy plus Workers' Power

John Cowsill

In Defence of Life

Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom

Julian Rose

This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology

How We Find Our Way to a Humane and Environmentally Sane Future

Will Anderson

Eyes of the Wild

Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers

Eleanor O'Hanlon

Exposing the Big Game

Living Targets of a Dying Sport

Jim Robertson


Path to a New Consciousness

Marian Van Eyk McCain

In Search of Grace Oct 3 2017

To recover from ecological disaster, we humans must transform the sense of who we are in relation to the Earth. In Search of Grace is the story of an ecological pilgrimage undertaken by the author in ...

Rising Up - With Wings Like Eagles Jul 5 2017

Earth Books author Chris Sunderland's title Rising Up - With Wings like Eagles helps us to discover inner strength and wisdom to transform our relationship with the Earth.   At a time o...

Why read Earth Books? Feb 3 2017

Earth Books are practical, scientific and philosophical publications about our relationship with the environment. Earth Books explore sustainable ways of living; including green parenting, gardening, ...

Reviews for The Seven Deadly Whites Jan 29 2017

The Seven Deadly Whites, by Karl Elliot-Gough reveals how the modern diet is directly linked to the diseases of modern civilization (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia, ADD and mor...

Rethinking money Jan 13 2017

Money is key to modern human activity. And yet, how we use it does not work in the interests of the vast majority of humans, it does not serve the environment and it undermines our future stability. T...

Other Than Mother - a new review Dec 13 2016

Other Than Mother - Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind - by Kamalamani is a book about the powerful implications of  voluntary or intentional childlessness. "I found this book a useful ...

Non-fiction writing tips Dec 4 2016

Want to write a non-fiction book? We see lots of submissions where the author has great ideas, but hasn’t thought much about how to present them, who the readers might be or what they might want ...