Seven Deadly Whites, The

Evolution to Devolution - The Rise of The Diseases Of Civilization

Karl Elliot-Gough

Other Than Mother - Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind

A private decision with global consequences


Safe Planet

Renewable Energy plus Workers' Power

John Cowsill

In Defence of Life

Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom

Julian Rose

Elephants Among Us

Two performing elephants in 20th-century America

M. Jaynes

This Is Hope: Green Vegans and the New Human Ecology

How We Find Our Way to a Humane and Environmentally Sane Future

Will Anderson

Eyes of the Wild

Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers

Eleanor O'Hanlon

Exposing the Big Game

Living Targets of a Dying Sport

Jim Robertson


Path to a New Consciousness

Marian Van Eyk McCain

Launching Other than Mother Apr 22 2016

Last Friday Kamalamani launched 'Other than Mother: Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind' at 'The Station' in central Bristol. The evening was a vibrant and colourful celebration of the b...

New for April - Other Than Mother Apr 12 2016

Other Than Mother - Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind A private decision with global consequences Paperback - AMAZON US AMAZON UK INDIEBOUND Ebook - AMAZON US AMAZON UK HIVE IND...

Other than Mother Apr 5 2016

On March the 18th, Kamalamani gave a talk for Psychoanalysis on the Streets, to talk about her new book - Other Than Mother. What sort of expectations do women consciously and unconsciously carry ...

Featured author - Jennifer Kavanagh Mar 14 2016

Jennifer Kavanagh is an author whose work ranges widely, through non-fiction and fiction, business and spirituality. She has worked in publishing for nearly thirty years, and has run a community...

Non fiction imprints, an introduction Mar 7 2016

This is a blog covering a group of non-fiction imprints from John Hunt Publishing.  Liberalis is a Latin word which evokes ideas of freedom, liberality, generosity of spirit, dignity, honour, boo...

Safe Planet - John Cowsill Dec 10 2015

  Jeremy Corbyn with a copy of my book, Safe Planet December 2015 The book attempts to show the strengths of renewable energy - how it can replace all fossil and nuclear fuel. It tries...

Gardening with the Moon & Stars by Elen Sentier Dec 5 2015

The Star Calendar “Planting by the Moon” is quite well known but biodynamics is far more than the phases of the moon. In BD we see the moon as a lens that focuses the energies of each of the tw...